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Fig. 4

Oxytocin stimulates hippocampal neurogenesis via oxytocin receptor expressed in CA3 pyramidal neurons.

Author  Lin YT, Chen CC, Huang CC, Nishimori K, Hsu KS

Date 2017.09

Source Nat Commun.


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Epidermal growth factor-induced ANGPTL4 enhances anoikis resistance and tumour metastasis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

AuthorLiao YH, Chiang KH, Shieh JM, Huang CR, Shen CJ, Huang WC and Chen BK

Date 2017

Source Oncogene


Figure 1

Oleate-induced PTX3 promotes head and neck squamous cell carcinoma metastasis through the up-regulation of vimentin.

Authors  Chan SH, Tsai JP, Shen CJ, Liao YH and

Chen BK

Date 2017

Source Oncotarget


Fig.1. PPARs are essential for OA-induced ANGPTL4 expression

Oleic acid-induced ANGPTL4 enhances head and neck squamous cell carcinoma anoikis resistance and metastasis via up-regulation of fibronectin.

Authors  Shen CJ, Chan SH, Lee CT, Huang WC, Tsai JP and Chen BK

Date 2017

Source Cancer Lett.


Figure 1

Minoxidil is a potential neuroprotective drug for paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy

Authors Yi-Fan Chen , Li-Hsien Chen ,Yu-Min Yeh , Pei-Ying Wu , Yih-Fung Chen , Lian-Yun Chang , Jang-Yang Chang, Meng-Ru Shen.(Corresponding author)

Date 2017-02

Soruce Scientific Reports


Unlabelled figure

p53 modulates the effect of ribosomal protein S6 kinase1 (S6K1) on cisplatin toxicity in chronic myeloid leukemia cells

Authors  Ling-Yi Xiao, Wai-Ming Kan

Date 2017-05

Source Pharmacological Research