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HDAC2 and HDAC5 Up-Regulations Modulate Survivin and miR-125a-5p Expressions and Promote Hormone Therapy Resistance in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Cells.

作者   Huang WT, Tsai YH, Chen SH, Kuo CW, Kuo YL, Lee KT, Chen WC, Wu PC, Chuang CY, Cheng SM, Lin CH, Leung EY, Chang YC, Cheung CHA.

出版年月 2017.12

出處  Front Pharmacol.


Synergistic inhibition of tumor growth by combination treatment with drugs against different subpopulations of glioblastoma cells.

作者  Chang CH, Liu WT, Hung HC, Gean CY, Tsai HM, Su CL, Gean PW.

出版年月 2017.12

出處  BMC Cancer


The Journal of Neuroscience: 37 (50)

Conditional Deletion of Hippocampal CA2/CA3a Oxytocin Receptors Impairs the Persistence of Long-Term Social Recognition Memory in Mice.

作者  Lin YT, Hsieh TY, Tsai TC, Chen CC, Huang CC, Hsu KS.

出版年月 2017.12

出處  J Neurosci.


Fig.1. Repeated applications of prefrontal tDCS improve spatial working memory…

Repeated transcranial direct current stimulation improves cognitive dysfunction and synaptic plasticity deficit in the prefrontal cortex of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.

作者  Wu YJ, Lin CC, Yeh CM, Chien ME, Tsao MC, Tseng P, Huang CW, Hsu KS.

出版年月 2017.11

出處 Brain Stimul.



Dysfunction of different cellular degradation pathways contributes to specific β-amyloid42-induced pathologies.

作者  Ji XR, Cheng KC, Chen YR, Lin TY, Cheung CHA, Wu CL, Chiang HC.

出版年月 2017.11

出處  FASEB J.


Figure 2

STIM1-dependent Ca2+ signaling regulates podosome formation to facilitate cancer cell invasion.

作者 Chen YW, Chen YF, Chiu WT, Chen HC, Shen MR.

出版年月 2017-09

出處 Sci Rep.